Thursday, October 2, 2014


Did Episode #1 thrill you?  If the answer was "Yes" then welcome back for another hour(+) discussion from everyone's favorite Mid-West Genre Enthusiasts!  Don and Amazing Friend don't waste a second as they dig into an assorted box of goodies that may or may not include an 80s-era action figure!  Listen as Roger Corman's "classic" GALAXY OF TERROR adds plenty of fuel to this crystal induced podcast fire.  All this plus; Poop Deck Pappy vs. Mr. Hand, 24, Willy Wonka singing a tune, Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast, James Cameron, and plenty of other gems...I mean...crystals to pack away for a later date!

Here's your handy TOP 3 TOPIC links from Episode #2:


Look and listen for a new episode during the first week of November!

Amazing Friend Out! 

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