Saturday, December 6, 2014

SO MUCH STUFF! (Episode #4)

How can Don and his Amazing Friend cram this much stuff into one episode?  Easy, because they're pros!  Only a pro catches a 1985 stinger with Brooke Adams ('nuff said!)! 

Brooke Adams from the stinger scene.
Join in the monthly discussion as they look at; Amazon Wish lists, DVD box sets, Batman vs. Thundarr the Barbarian (only his friends call him that to everyone else it is Mr. The-Barbarian), the giddy joys of Loot Crate, the Parker novels, Clara Peller, and a decades long overdue tough critique on the acting style of Michael Moriarty.  All of this plus - Yams in the mail and the debut of Hell's Beta Max Player!  Our regular segment of WE WATCH IT FOR YOU dives stomach first in a turd of a movie called THE STUFF!

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Look for our next episode in January 2015!  And also keep a lookout for a bonus episode releasing sometime before then!

Happy Holidays...and stuff!  Please spread the word and don't be afraid to give us a review on iTunes!

Actual photo of Don's first "booty" from the Loot Crate "looty"!

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