Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MAD 4 MAX (Episode #9)

Some of the items discussed in this episode!
It's been 30 long years since we've been treated to the exploits of everyone's favorite wasteland warrior but finally Mad Max is returning to the big screen!  To celebrate this occasion Don and Friend delve into some fond childhood memories of watching the Max films while playing too many games that cashed in on the concept of mounting weapons onto drivable wrecks.

For the truest of Mad Max aficionados we welcome you to stay for the entire show as the last two hours is our first adventure in recording an audio commentary filled with trivia, insights, observations, and two fun-loving guys just having a good time while they watch one of the greatest action movies of all time with 1981's The Road Warrior (a.k.a. Mad Max 2).  This is the movie that changed Amazing Friend's life and the entry into the post-apocalypse genre that every future film tried and (so far) failed to top.  Turn on your nitrous bottles for one hell of a fun and fast ride!

Based on a helpful hint from a listener, we've edited this episode to solely the commentary of the portion which you can access simply via YOU TUBE.  Enjoy with or without your VHS copy playing at the same time.


The foreign release poster
(see Friend's collection photo for the US poster)

Activate the turbo-charger on your V-8 Interceptor as Don and Friend barrel down the Wasteland highways in search of fun and excitement. In this special episode our podcasting heroes prepare for the upcoming release of Mad Max Fury Road the only way they know how, by reflecting upon various childhood collectibles from the Mad Max film franchise and then recording a special audio commentary track from the 1981 seminal movie The Road Warrior (a.k.a. Mad Max 2) which begins at 33:42 of the episode. So fire up your DVD or VHS and watch along with these podcasting warriors.

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