Thursday, January 1, 2015

TAKING A SPLIT! (Episode #5)

And the Academy Award goes to...

Happy 2015 and to celebrate Don and Friend learn about the Kumite, the Dim Mak, and do the splits with Jean Claude Van Damme...far too many times to count!  Yes, it's our first reminiscent movie as the podcast returns to a film that we have not seen in over twenty years.  How have the decades treated BLOODSPORT?  Hint, hopefully better than Chong Li treats Jackson.

There's plenty more to delve into as both hosts discuss books and documentaries that have been keeping us entertained over the past weeks.  Naturally things immediately drift towards the topics of Arrow and Flash as Don desperately tries to prevent the show from turning into just a monthly update on two of the better offerings on television.

Your Handy TOP 3 links relating to Episode 5:
1 - Mad Max Fury Road (awesome trailer)

2 - Stephen King's Revival (awesome book)

3 - Turtle Power! (check out this doc if you're a fanboy)


Episode Summary: 
TMNT Creators - Eastman & Laird
Don and Friend enter into a secret tournament for podcasters to bring you the ultimate in geek conversations!  This month things center around the question: What’s Entertaining You Now? and the movie BLOODSPORT!  Be prepared to keep pace for close to two hours as your ears will be pummeled like exploding bricks with things like; Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Mad Max, SyFy, The Iron Sheik, Stephen King, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the splits, Michael Crichton, Frank Dux, Stan Bush, Agent Carter, Julie Strain, and ghosts!  It’s no holds barred for pure entertainment!

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There is only one SHEIK!