Friday, March 13, 2015

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH! (Episode #7)

"Mrs. Voorhees, we're ready for your close up."
Break out the hockey mask and machete to celebrate yet another Friday the 13th!  We've decided to dive into a solid horror movie for this month's episode (and we had so much fun expect a Friday the 13th Part 2 review in the nearish future).  We've also decided on a post-WrestleMania episode set to air two days after the WWe's biggest event of the calendar year.  Other projects in the future beyond our monthly episodes include special DVD audio commentary track episodes for THE ROAD WARRIOR (May) and MEATBALLS (June).  Don and I are having a blast with the show and we're keeping our fingers crossed that word-of-mouth spreads and perhaps we can get a few 5-star iTunes reviews to help us in the rankings!  Thanks for listening!
The classic poster.



Highly recommended read for fans of the series.
Happy Friday the 13th!  Don and Friend are back to dive headfirst into two huge topics.  Things start off to a rollicking start as the current state of the WWE Network is reviewed along with their recent pay-per-views.  Then it’s movie time as the 1980 original FRIDAY THE 13TH is watched with an appreciative eye (non wrestling fans can look for the review to begin at the 38:00 minute mark).  So sit back enjoy singing a bit of Tom Dooley while you’re playing a game of Strip Monopoly with your closest friends but be sure to check the pantry for Crazy Ralph before any shenanigans begin.

Get the 'E' out.