Friday, July 31, 2015


It's our first double feature extravaganza on the show!  Don and Friend are paying tribute to the summers of their childhood by enjoying too much junk food while sitting in sleeping bags and listening to a movie through a tinny speaker while it's projected on a gigantic screen.  Those of us who grew up in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s can remember the sheer excitement that came from taking a trip to the local Drive In to enjoy one Grade-A movie and a Grade-D later showing, the place where Star Wars and Battle Beyond the Stars could be seen for one low price (and even less if you snuck friends inside the trunk of the car).  The Drive-In, a place where you could sit on the hood of the car, roof of the van, or on a lawn chair swatting mosquitoes while watching Burt Reynolds drive a Trans-Am and Chuck Norris karate kick some punks.  Enjoy a 90-minute trip down memory lane as our summer gift to you!


The cooler is stocked with snacks and drinks and the station wagon is parked at the prime spot at the local Drive-In Theatre.  Come along as Don and Friend spend some time reminiscing about visits to the classic outdoors theatres and some of the classic movies they enjoyed.  Then once the sun sets turn on that window speaker as we enjoy our summer double feature of two horror movies: The Babadook (starting at 21:30) and Wolfcop (at 53:30)!  It’s a fun evening out with your two friendly neighborhood podcasters as the conversation covers: The Shining, H.O.T.S., Infra-Man, Bruce Lee, magic tricks, Tim Thomerson, The Blues Brothers, Charles Band, concession stand hot dogs, Grease 2, and plenty of Intermission memories!  What better way can you think of to spend an hour-plus of a summer evening than listening to us through a lousy speaker while sweating in your car!  Let’s all go to the Drive-In!

Less than 24 hours after we posted this episode we received some tweets and a personalized meme from The official Wolfcop crew!  Spoiler, YES we loved the movie long before you approved of our little show.  Thanks to the Wolfcop team!

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Sunday, July 19, 2015


Ant-Man will ironically have a smaller opening than most Marvel movies but it also had a smaller budget, smaller cast, smaller expectations, and smaller hero.  "It's an entertaining movie", says one of our podcasting team.  "It's not scientifically sound," says another podcaster.  And then we're mired into a review/debate which encompasses most of the episode.  Be warned, spoilers in this episode will ruin the movie faster than setting up your picnic basket on a mound of Solenopsis nitens (a.k.a. fire ants).  So get out this week and see the movie and then see how well you agree or disagree with our podcasting duo.


The podcasting headquarters is mired in a more complex debate than originally intended.  What starts out as a simple trip to the movies ends with one podcaster proudly sporting an Ant-Man t-shirt while the other man sports a grouchy “old man” glare.  Which side of this debate will you support?  You should check out Marvel’s Ant-Man first before diving into our spoiler-filled review (which starts at 24:00).  The rest of the episode is a fanboys delight as topics are covered ranging from: Jurassic World, Archie, The Crusaders, Mad Max: Fury Road, stinger scenes, the shared Marvel Universe of movies, and of course that Batman v. Superman preview that everyone is talking about.  Check your science knowledge at the door and get ready for some over-sized entertainment with Don and Friend!

UPDATE:  There was a moment in Ant-Man where Saturday Night Live alumnus Garrett Morris shows up in a brief cameo as a cab driver.  Don and I were unsure why this was but any chance to see "Chocolate Chip Charley" from The Stuff is fine by us (don't forget we reviewed The Stuff back in Episode #4).  Turns out SNL did a superhero skit back in the 70s and Morris played ANT-MAN!  Yep!  This was no mistake that the producers sought him out so "Ant-Man" could have a cameo in "Ant-Man".  Well played sirs!

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