Sunday, October 18, 2015

CRAZY FOR SWAYZE (Episode #16)

ROAD HOUSE - noun, plural roadhouses [rohd-hou-ziz]
-an inn, dance hall, tavern, nightclub, etc., located on a highway, usually beyond city limits.
ROAD HOUSING - verb, [rohd-hous-zing]
-the act of watching the greatest American movie ever made

After a few weeks off Don and Friend settle down for a couple of brews at everyone’s favorite Road House!  That’s right we’re doubling down at the Double Deuce talking about video stores, Star Wars action figures, Mego, Amazon Prime, and the greatest American movie of all time - ROAD HOUSE!  Get ready for a lively discussion that encapsulates beer, knives, kicks, 80’s hair, Foto-Mat, man-on-man rape, and all the essential requirements needed for a good time at the movies with everyone’s number one bar bouncing-philosophizing, BMW-driving, ballet-karating Cooler, as made famous by Patrick Swayze, DALTON!
Enjoy a musical tribute for Road House:
Doubly-Enjoy the Dalton vs. Jimmy Fight
with special commentary by Michael J. Nelson (Riff Trax)
The Theatrical Preview!


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